Mike Parsons in Camberley - Pil Sung Do Martial Arts

Mike Parsons

My son started at Pil Sung Do just before he turned four, my wife and I wanted somewhere for our son to have fun and burn off some of his energy as well as learn to defend himself in a controlled way should he ever need to. Pil Sung Do was perfect for this, teaching things such as "stranger danger" as well as instilling self discipline and integrity.  

As a parent I spent many hours on the side watching and wishing that I would have had the opportunity at his age to start a martial art. 

After having major spinal surgery as a result of 24 years serving in the military I was sure that it would be something I never got the opportunity to do....I was wrong.  

One day my son asked me to do it with him and I decided to give it a go....four years later we are both 1st Dan Black Belts and I have never looked back. I love that it gives me family time with my son but it is also a big reason to leave work.  

It has improved my flexibility, fitness and strength and I no longer suffer with back pain on a regular basis and I believe that Pil Sung Do has helped with that. 

As an instructor I enjoy watching new people start and seeing them progress through the belts and I take pride knowing that I have had a part in helping them achieve their goals. 

At Pil Sung Do we work hard but we have a lot of fun whilst doing it and I would truly recommend it to anyone. 

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