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Do-s and Don’t-s for the Most Important Meal of the Day

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Planning a Balanced Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – everyone knows that. It earns its name by breaking the fast of our time asleep and giving our brains and bodies the nutrients they need after a long time without food. You’re going to have a bad time if you try to get up and go about your day (let alone attend your Pil Sung Do classes) without first making the time to eat a balanced breakfast.

This would be the human equivalent of trying to light a wet firework. It’s a recipe for disappointment. This means your first morning rule should always be to eat breakfast. But there are two more rules you should take into consideration!

Rule 2: A late breakfast isn’t breakfast, it’s brunch. Nutritionists recommend that we eat breakfast within two hours of getting up.

Rule 3: An apple is better than nothing, but it isn’t really breakfast. A proper breakfast will take up around 20-35% of your daily calorie intake.

Many breakfast foods contain important nutrients like B vitamins, protein, iron, fiber and calcium, as well as giving us the fuel we need to keep going all day. Research has shown that those who skip breakfast rarely make up for their reduced nutritional intake over the course of the day, and these nutrients are essential for a healthy body. Breakfast is also the ideal excuse to take the first of your five-a-day, as many conventional breakfast options are perfect for pairing with fresh vegetables and fruit.

The best way to fuel up for a busy day is to eat a properly balanced breakfast which includes foods from at least three of the five key food types. Typical healthy breakfast choices might include fruit, whole-grain cereals and bread, and low-fat dairy products. It has been found that weight loss or achieving a healthier weight can be aided by selecting a high-fibre cereal for breakfast, and taking it with low-fat yoghurt or milk. Other studies have found that weight loss may be assisted by including a serving of whole grain and a lean protein food in your breakfast.

Parents’ Top Tips at Breakfast Time

The most important tip is to read rule 1 again: Always make sure you and your child eat breakfast. If your school runs a breakfast program, use it!

Have quick fixes on hand: School mornings can be hectic, so it’s sometimes best to keep breakfast simple. Make sure your kitchen contains breakfast foods that can be put together quickly if you’re running late: yoghurt, cereal, bread, cheese, fruit, bagels, milk, etc.

Set an example: Join your child at the breakfast table. When you can, eat breakfast at the same time as your child. They’re more likely to believe you about how important the meal is if they see you make time for your own.

Breakfast foods are delicious and so, so important for your health. As tempting as an extra ten minutes in bed may be, don’t take the bait! Get out of bed and start eating balanced breakfasts today.


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