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8 Essential Tips for Losing Weight

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8 Essential Tips for Losing Weight

8 Essential Tips for Losing Weight

Weight-Loss Tips That Actually Work

It doesn’t have to be difficult to lose weight. Cut down on the fuss and follow these key tips to make fat-burning a second nature.

1. Eat Breakfast Every Day

Planning to lose weight does not mean you should be skipping the most important meal of the day. Without breakfast, you’ll just end up feeling hungry later on which can lead to unhealthy snacking, and you may even miss out on some vital nutrients.

2. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water can actually help you lose weight, especially if you have a glass before each meal. Over a period of 1-1.5 hours, water can boost your metabolism by 24-30%, helping you to burn up some extra calories. 

3. How Do You Like Your Eggs in the Morning?

If you’re aiming to lose weight, eating whole eggs for breakfast is the way to go. According to some research, you can lose more weight and body fat, and eat fewer calories for the following 36 hours, if you replace your usual grain-based breakfast with eggs.

4. Be Careful around Carbs

The humble carbohydrate’s tempting nature is often blamed for someone’s failure to lose weight (or even for them gaining weight). It’s not really the nature of the carbs themselves that’s to blame here, so much as the over-eatability of many carbohydrates (like bread and crisps). Just keep moderation in mind, and don’t allow yourself to be tempted by binging!

5. Fibre Is Your Friend

Wholegrains, veggies, beans, fruits and other healthy foods are all full of fibre. You may find it easier to lose weight and keep it off, according to some studies, if you simply eat more fibre-rich foods.

The Research:

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6. Tracking and Planning

Planning your meals and snacks in advance can make it much easier to control your intake. A little planning can really make a big difference if you’re trying to take on a healthier way of living.

7. Don’t Go Hungry

Hunger is one of the main reasons people ditch their diet before it’s had time to become a habit. Don’t stop eating, just change what you eat! You’ll find you stay fuller for longer if you replace processed carbs like bagels, doughnuts and white bread with high-protein foods like yoghurt with berries and seeds or – again – eggs.

8. Take Up a Sport

Weight gain happens if you consume more calories than you burn, meaning the best way to lose weight and become healthier overall is to get active and take up a sport. Some people like running, some go for walks, and some pump weights in the gym. If you’re prone to losing motivation, it can be a great idea to join a class, like our Pil Sung Do classes, as committing to a certain time and day once or twice a week, and getting to know people you’ll see at each class, can make it easier to hold yourself accountable for your exercise.

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