Nathalie Pinte

Nathalie Pinte Chief Instructor

Pil Sung Do came into my life when I was at the lowest, physically and mentally.
I was totally unprepared for it, had no idea of what it would be like, which in fact, complemented the personal challenge I needed.

After a month, I was feeling that the classes were easier. Actually, I was getting fitter! and became addicted to this clever Martial Art, to the point that I cannot think of a life without Pil Sung Do!

I am fortunate to have become instructor, it’s a real joy to help the students in their Pil Sung Do journey, to pass on the endless knowledge continuously acquired thanks to our amazing Grand Master and Instructors.

Pil Sung Do is the kind of addiction I wish for everyone.

Female, male, young, old, any shape or form. We can all do it!

See you at the class!