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Jeff Parkhouse Martial Arts Instructor

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Jeff Parkhouse

When my step-daughter was looking for an energetic hobby, my partner and I found Pil Sung Do and took her along. She absolutely loved it! After about 6 months of sitting on the sidelines watching the classes my jealously (of the fun everyone was having) overpowered my own laziness and I joined the Pil Sung Do family as a student.

I was physically unfit, lazy and wanted something to challenge me and I have found just the thing!

Some classes are challenging physically and some are more technically focused but there is always a good mix of the two. From basic stretching exercises through to physical exercise, I am always learning new things and I look forward to every class!

The classes are always friendly and everyone is encouraged to push themselves within their own limits. The Pil Sung family is what makes every class enjoyable, students and instructors alike. Every person attends for their own personal reasons but once you are training everyone is equal.

I find great pleasure in perfecting the skills and techniques taught by Grandmaster Nigel Glossop.  There is a lot to learn but practice makes perfect!

I was very proud to be invited to join the instructors’ team as Assistant Instructor and I take great pride in passing my knowledge on to fellow students.

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